3D Print Your Halloween Costume (And More)


My husband has been 3D modeling since he was nine. He’s as advanced as they come.

I, however, am a newbie. I never tried it until  a year ago while taking a class from my hubby. At the time, I didn’t really understand what was going on, so I got a lot of assistance.

My real first attempt to model was for my Halloween costume last year.

I decided to be Sadness from Pixar’s Inside Out. Using a simple modeling program called TinkerCad, I created glasses for my costume. As you can see, my first attempt wasn’t the best (the glasses are WAY too small), but it worked!

Halloween is coming up again, and 3D printing is a great way to create your own unique costume or decorate a creepy front yard. You can 3D model something yourself, hire someone (like us), or  search through hundreds already created options on Thingiverse.

Here are some cool 3D printing Halloween ideas:

1-Accessorize your costume.

Colby 3D printed a hand for a two-year old boy missing one. The kid’s going to use it in real life too, but he decided the robohand needs to be part of his Halloween costume. Last I heard, he’s debating between Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker. If you don’t want to do the robot hand but want to stick with the Star Wars theme–consider printing a lightsaber or cool Darth Vader mask.

2-Print a Jack-O-Lantern instead of carving it.

Carving pumpkins is cool, but it can get messy with all the gooey guts and dangerously sharp knives. You want to enjoy Halloween’s scariness, not create fear with a severed finger. Last year, Colby taught kids  to 3D model by helping them design their own scary pumpkin faces. Here are the results!

3-Decorate your house.

Create a Halloween madhouse with spider webs, skeletons, and celebration plaques.  Whatever says Halloween to you, you can print it.

4-Go all out!

Why just accessorize your costume when you can print the whole darn thing?  Store bought costumes are just expensive, and, let’s face it, they don’t look nearly as good. DIY costumes are a popular alternative, so make it easy on yourself by letting a printer do all the work. And, if you don’t own a printer yourself, we’ll print it for you.

Brainstorming this list was fun, but I kept coming up with more creepy ideas! Halloween is a time to let the imagination run wild and free, after all. Why not print a Halloween basket to go with your kid’s outfit? Or, you could create eerie cookie cutters. Put crazy eyeballs on a cake. Create a spooky car antenna cap.

The possibilities are endless, so go out  and dream of something strange and unusual. Happy Halloween!


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