A Three Year Old Gets A New Hand

Colby met the Christensen family while working at a 3D printing trailer  during the Utah County Fair. Their little boy was missing a hand, and they’d been thinking about printing him one.

It was perfect for us because Colby’s been wanting to print a hand for some time. He jumped in to help them out! While working at the fair, he started printing parts for the hand.

We spent several Mondays over at the Christensen household putting the hand together. We considered various sizes and printed multiple prototypes. Finally, the young lad had a finished hand!  We’re not done yet though. An even better hand is in the works.

I interviewed their three-year old Daxton about his hand, and he excitedly told me how happy he is about it. He got to pick the colors for one of the prototypes, and he’s happy its blue and orange. He said he enjoys moving his hand, and he’s played football with it. He hopes to be able pick stuff up with the new hand they’re working on.

He’s been going around telling friends and others about his new ‘robot hand’. For Halloween, he plans to dress up as Darth Vader using his new hand.

My husband really enjoyed learning how to create hands and so did I.  He said he taled to another kid who wants to print hands for his Eagle Scout project. It’s pretty fun to help other people!

Want to create a 3D printing hand? Here’s some step-by-step instructions.



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