Kickstarter Campaigns for Printers We Wish We Could Buy

I recently tried to come up with some options for printing doll’s clothing (yes, I’m still a young girl at heart). I ended up finding a lot of cool Kickstarter campaigns that failed, are in the process, or are still trying to satisfy backers.

Here’s some printers I really wish were on the market now:

  1. Olo

Olo, sometimes called Ono, has over 2 million backers on Kickstarter, and there is a reason for it. The resin 3D printer is going for $99. Even better? You can run the software right from your phone. I love how the printer looks modern, is cheap (college people always like cheap things), and seems pretty easy. Plus, they say sapphire is a-soon-to be offered color. Blue is my favorite color!

2. Electroloom

This invention sounds so cool, and I’m bummed things didn’t turn out for the company. They didn’t get the necessary funding. I think they’re cool because they 3D print fabric! That’s right. Fabric. I would love to design my prom dress and then print it. Alternatively, it’d be great to walk up in the morning, digitally design a mood fitting shirt, and have it printing while I chow down on a healthy breakfast. Who knows what will happen in 50 years?

3. Peachy Printer

This is a self assembly kit for only $100 dollars. Sadly, there was some embezzlement problems, and they’re still trying to get the product out to backers. I hope things work out for them though because an super cheap resin 3D printer would be amazing!

4. Prometheus

This isn’t actually a 3D printer. It’s an upgrade, but I think it would be great! It’s a current campaign which has received more than quadruple in backing. I love the idea because it enables you to 3D print in many colors. Yes!

Anyways, I thought these campaigns all seemed pretty cool, and it just shows us what is possible. I can’t wait to see what 3D printing will be like when I’m old and wrinkly.




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