The Different Types of 3D Printing Enthusiasts

Sometimes, people put 3D printing into a box. Yes, a printer might be a box, but that doesn’t mean your imagination should be. People can use 3D printing for a variety of projects ranging from artistic to business-oriented to just plain silly.  We talked to three very different individuals about what they use 3D printing for:



Char is a 27 year-old mommy of two living in SoCal. She loves surfing and runs Char’s Unique Creations, an online Amazon store. Recently, she created a hair tie bracelet made from aluminum. She started the process by working with our company to build samples of what she wanted. Then, she went to Custom Products to get her bracelets machined into metal. Now, the bracelets are up are and available to purchase online! We think they are pretty dang adorable.



Hyrum is a ten-year-old in Erda, UT. He’s crazy goofy, and he wanted a giant sword. So, we printed him one. Then, he tried to attack the family cat with it. He said 3D printing makes things look really awesome.



Craig is an Entomologist in his 40s working with Utah State University. He does scientific research on bees. He used 3D printing to create a faster solution to getting pollen off bees.Now instead of spending hours scraping pollen off bees, a 3D printed design solved the problem!



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