About Us

We are the Carpenters!

Colby teaches 3D printing to kids throughout Utah. He likes fixing things and dreaming big. He’s also a longboard enthusiast.

Michelle breaks things more often than she fixes them. But, she loves writing ads, news articles, fiction, and everything else writing related. She also likes theater and put on a play last year in her barn.  She’s gained essential marketing skills as part of the marketing team for the Boy Scouts.

We met in SoCali, and it was not love at first sight because we were both serving LDS missions. We were too focused on our work efforts! After about a year, we ran into each other again, dated, and got married.


The STEM Garage came as we combined our talents. It’s a business focused on offering prototyping and innovation advice through the power of 3D printing.

We believe 3D printing makes innovation easier.