Kickstarter Campaigns for Printers We Wish We Could Buy

I recently tried to come up with some options for printing doll’s clothing (yes, I’m still a young girl at heart). I ended up finding a lot of cool Kickstarter campaigns that failed, are in the process, or are still trying to satisfy backers.

Here’s some printers I really wish were on the market now:

  1. Olo

Olo, sometimes called Ono, has over 2 million backers on Kickstarter, and there is a reason for it. The resin 3D printer is going for $99. Even better? You can run the software right from your phone. I love how the printer looks modern, is cheap (college people always like cheap things), and seems pretty easy. Plus, they say sapphire is a-soon-to be offered color. Blue is my favorite color!

2. Electroloom

This invention sounds so cool, and I’m bummed things didn’t turn out for the company. They didn’t get the necessary funding. I think they’re cool because they 3D print fabric! That’s right. Fabric. I would love to design my prom dress and then print it. Alternatively, it’d be great to walk up in the morning, digitally design a mood fitting shirt, and have it printing while I chow down on a healthy breakfast. Who knows what will happen in 50 years?

3. Peachy Printer

This is a self assembly kit for only $100 dollars. Sadly, there was some embezzlement problems, and they’re still trying to get the product out to backers. I hope things work out for them though because an super cheap resin 3D printer would be amazing!

4. Prometheus

This isn’t actually a 3D printer. It’s an upgrade, but I think it would be great! It’s a current campaign which has received more than quadruple in backing. I love the idea because it enables you to 3D print in many colors. Yes!

Anyways, I thought these campaigns all seemed pretty cool, and it just shows us what is possible. I can’t wait to see what 3D printing will be like when I’m old and wrinkly.




Strange (and really cool) Filament Types

It’s true that people usually print in PLA or ABS plastic. But, there are all kinds of interesting filaments out there. Bored or interested in trying something new? From wood to aluminum, here are some of our favorite filament options:wood

  1. Wood

We purchased some wood filament and tried it out. It’s not the best thing around. Picture the glue and sawdust toys during WWII. That’s what you’re going to get. Still, it’s a lot of fun. Wood you like to try it?

2. Nylon

Nylon is a great choice if you want something flexible. It’s also super strong. Literally, it’s used in parachutes for skydiving. So, if you want something you can bend a lot, nylon works well.

  3. Aluminum

Searching through Amazon, we found some aluminum filament. It’s made from 40% aluminum and 60% PLA. We haven’t tried it yet, but you want to. You’ll have to let us know what your experience is like.


4. Chocolate

Feeling hungry? Chocolate is a popular option when 3D printing! Colby is creating a lesson plan now to teach kids to print candy. Holidays are coming up, so you could make something edible and personalized too.

Know any other fun filament types? Let us know in the comments below!